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Brady Brady

by Mary Shaw and Chuck Temple

Brady Brady is an illustrated sport book series for early readers (age 4-8). The title character, Brady, is crrrazy about sports! So much so, that his parents have to call him twice to get his attention! As a result, he is affectionately nicknamed, Brady Brady.

The Brady Brady stories entertain and engage young readers, and teach important lessons about life and sport. Signature illustrations bring Brady Brady’s world alive, with a unique brand of vibrant and dynamic imagery.

trade paper $6.99 each

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That Chickadee Feeling

by Frank Glew

The wonderful, magical feeling of having a Black-capped Chickadee feeding out of a child's hand is captured in print and is related to all happy memorable events shared in a child's life. This story brings out a special connection and bonding of child, parent and nature. There are 23 winters birds hidden in the illustrations.

trade paper $10.00

Frank Glew has written 10 books, all with a science/nature learning aspect. He was the recipient of Ontario Nature's (Ont. Federation of Naturalists) Richards Education Award for his books on nature in 2006.

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I Owe You One

by Natalie Hyde

After almost drowning in a swollen creek, Wes wonders if what his friend Zach says is true: Wes owes a life debt to the old lady who rescued him. It doesn't help that Wes keeps hearing his dead father's voice saying things like, "A man pays his debts, Wes," and "A man always treats a woman with respect, Wes." But how does a guy go about paying back a life debt anyway? And what if it involves a transmission tower, an ice-cream truck and a few sticks of dynamite?

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Saving Armpit

by Natalie Hyde

When vandals deface the Harmony Point sign, the town does indeed seem to become the "arm Pit" of the region. The baseball team hasn't won a game in two seasons and the town itself is falling into disrepair. But when the new postmaster becomes the ball coach, Clay and the rest of the Terriers finally seem to stand a chance of winning a game. Until they overhear a bureaucrat from the city say that the post office will close unless the "numbers" work out.

The team begins "Operation Tennis Elbow" - a letter writing campaign designed to generate enough mail to keep the post office - and its postmaster - in town (and coaching their baseball team). And along the way, they learn the power of the pen in effecting positive changes in their community.

Natalie Hyde is the author of more than a dozen works of non-fiction. She has contributed titles to a variety of educational series including Live It: Fairness and Live It: Courage. This is her first novel. Natalie lives in Cambridge, Ontario.

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  Introducing Sophia Firecracker

by A.A. Riley

Introducing Sophia Firecracker is the story of a nine-year-old girl who thinks she's a superhero. When Principal Corncob hints to Sophia that teacher Mrs. Greenbean may also be a superhero, Sophia sets out on a mission to find the teacher's superpowers.

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